provides a professional language learning environment to allow students to learn the beautiful language of Spanish effectively, intuitively and in an enjoyable and fun setting. We pride ourselves in offering language learning methods to smaller groups for a more personalized learning experience tailored to the levels and abilities of our students. Our more than 12 years experience in the Toronto area gives us a clear advantage in understanding how important Spanish has become between Canada, Spain and Latin America.

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Adult Classes:

1/ Which Spanish class should I choose if this is my first time studying Spanish?

It is always recommended to start at the beginning and register with BEGINNERS

1. Even if you have studied Spanish before but have not studied in a long time and have forgotten quite a bit, we recommend reviewing and starting with easier learning levels, just so your listening comprehension, speaking/vocabulary and grammar concepts can be solid for future more difficult levels.

2/ How do I determine my level of Spanish?

On our website is a Spanish test and you can take this  and send us an email with the results as well as give us background of your Spanish learning history. Also you can just send us an email with your language objectives, when you last studied, what countries in Latin America/Spain you have visited and your Spanish learning history and we can discuss and assess your level and assign you.

3/ I have to leave on a business trip and will miss my Spanish classes. What should I do?

In general, we always do review in our classes discussing concepts learned in previous classes upon your return to your studies. Also you can inform the teacher and he can prescribe learning material that we will study from the text so you can keep up during your trip.

Children Classes:

1/ How old does my child have to be to participate in Spanish classes?

In general, we feel 5 years is the earliest we can accept children students. However, if there are brothers/sisters/friends who wish to study together, we sometimes can make exceptions depending on the class environment.

2/ Is there any special learning material my child needs to bring to class?

All learning material will be provided in class. We only ask that the child bring his/her enthusiasm and energy.